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In order to take delivery and position the new 500 ton injection moulding machines in their rightful place, a redundant RRIM (Reinforced Reaction Injection Moulding) press and associated process oven had to be decommissioned and removed from site. The operation took 6 men and 57 hours to complete. This included the removal of electrical, controls and natural gas supplies to the equipment.

The pictures show a 30 ton versa lift unit being used as the heavy lifting apparatus to decommission the redundant RRIM moulding press. All mechanical and electrical services were isolated and removed including the hydraulics. Hydraulic oil was removed from site through the recognised special waste stream and by the client.

These pictures show a smaller FLT being used to remove the now empty hydraulic tank from the body of the press machine.

The last picture shows the process of removing the polyol and isocyanate day tank skid from the area. This operation was carried out by a prescribed specialist team.

These pictures show redundant material Silos and associated control cabinets and mezzanine deck which had to be removed from our clients whilst the plant was still in operation.