One of the world’s largest fire alarm manufacturers has recently published a survey showing that one quarter of businesses in Europe are putting employee safety at risk.

The research also found that 34% of businesses did not accurately monitor emergency lighting performance, despite it being against legislative practice. The law states that all businesses have a responsibility to protect the workface and maintain safety systems accordingly, but it seems this may not be thoroughly observed.

LED Technology was another issue on which performance was well under par. Despite the environmental benefits, only 15% of customers had adopted the technology, and only 9% have self-testing emergency lighting systems. It’s unfortunate to see companies passing up on the opportunity to install technology that can reduce the amount they will later have to spend on maintenance.

New technologies can ultimately lead to a much more cost-effective organisation, and are more often than not well worth the initial investment. It’s even more important that employee safety is not considered a secondary issue to cost.

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