It is with great pleasure that I write to announce that CFS have been awarded a further 4-year contract as the waste management company at our clients automotive site in Halewood Liverpool.

The 4-year package allows CFS to continue our implementation of Kaizen or simply ‘change for better’ in the sense that each day we review what our practices were that day before looking to improve them the next day and so on.

The dedication and hard work of our on-site waste management team has been a very large part of how CFS have retained the contract and this hard work and dedication will continue to change the landscape of how we deal with waste at our clients site.

Our success this year has seen CFS become a member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management which through this esteemed body along with continual professional development by members of staff, has demonstrated to our client our dedication and commitment to get the job done ‘right first time’.